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While in a blizzard

Reading the poems of my mother
Getting lost in the lyrics of my son
After some months’ time
I find myself
being free
Living in a state, which
despite all my current longing
I would never have imagined
as being reachable
for someone
like me
I belong
to the angels in front row
Giving it all out there, all they have
With their hearts laid open
And their words freed
Knowing, there is
no judgement to expect
no tension to worry about
no silence to fear

Looking back, I ́m freezing
Entangled in icy needles
Running up and down my spine
Like a blurry blizzard trying to get a hold on me, again
As I ́m dragging myself through shame
Shame, shame, shame
How on earth
did I become blind
To what I need
To what I am
To what I love
more than sadness
more than coldness
more than pain

Keep running, I ́m telling myself
Don ́t you dare to look back
Go with her
Go with him


Hanna, 22, studiert Psychologie und steht gern früh auf. Sie verbringt viel Zeit in der Natur und auf Konzerten, schreibt Songs und Gedichte und macht sich (manchmal zu viele) Gedanken über die Welt.

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